Bloom chapter 9 [Thorki]

The Harbinger chapter 3 of 14 [Lokane]

Reminder that I wrote this years ago and am only touching up the chapters.

The Harbinger chapter 1 of 14 [Lokane]

Loki falls through void and lands in the same desert Thor did. Jane finds him.Loki knows what happened to Thor and Jane is going to find out, even if she has to interrogate him herself.

So this was pretty much my first multi-chapter Thor fic after the first movie came out in 2011. I started it sometime at the beginning of 2012 under the url of kairi9889 and it took about six months before it was finished. It’s around 60-70k. I’m just editing the chapters a bit because it is old writing and I sort of flinch when I go back and read through a lot of it. Originally it was on FFnet but I took it off because I was getting too many private messages about a sequel to it I lost interest in writing.

I’m still really proud of it though. So over the next few weeks I’ll be uploading chapters as I finish touching them up.

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Thorki - Petrichor
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~ brontide (thorki)
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Strikhedonia- Thorki. Because we all know they are both a little reckless in their own way.
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Lamplight [Thorki] 6.2k

“Thor,” he whispers.

“Just let me make you feel good. That’s all that needs to happen here. Then I’m gone.”

Anon Prompt from forever ago: Loki is a businessman and Thor is a prostitute. They fall in love.

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Bloom Chapter 8 [Thorki]

Hela laughs, a gargling, ugly sound. “Had I the arms to help you, dearest sire, I would but rip them from my body until they wilted entire.”

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Bloom chapter 7 [Thorki]

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Hii :) can I prompt human AU first kiss? Maybe at the end of some cheesy date, like on top of the Eiffel tower or on paradise island beach :D

This is probably a touch more angsty than you meant but I hope it’s still good ahh ahhh.

On A03.

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Falling [Thor/Loki Astronaut AU]

Each time Loki looks up into the sky, the wonder is replaced by a small darkness. If Loki looks up and can count to two million stars, then it’s only fair he counts one more for each and every shadow.

The wonder is replaced by resignation.

By resolution.

By drive.

By ancient, ruined exhaustion.

On A03.

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Twenty Hours (453 words) by mrhiddles [AO3]


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Characters: Eames (Inception), Arthur (Inception), Ariadne (Inception)

“He has to want to wake up,” he tells her finally.

Oh god. So much angst packed into such a short fic. *hands out tissues*

Oh wow I did this when I was so tired the other day I forgot I even posted it! So this rec is a huge surprise. Ahhh thank you so much! I want to write so much for them, so this is really nice encouragement. ouo

some silly prompt: loki admiring and stroking thor's face while he's sleeping

Loki waits until Thor is asleep and then he feels restless, like every other night. Every other morning. This is the only time he has to indulge.

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Look what came today!

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prompt: the boys tell Frigga about their relationship for the first time. It's super awkward!

Send me ThorLoki prompts!


They’re naked in bed when Frigga finds them.

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