Come watch Thor!

Gonna watch the movie in a couple minutes! Waiting for others to gather before we start.

I enjoy painting blood too much. Do I care? No. ALL OF THE BLOOD!

It took my Dad a good half hour to hang up the Loki God of Mischief poster I framed yesterday.

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This will forever remain to be my favorite movie of all time.

If you destroy the bridge, you’ll never see her again!

My parents are only reassured that I will never cease being a fangirl for Thor or Norse mythology.


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Got a Loki poster, the movie (finally), the art book and a book dedicated entirely to Loki (by Mike Vasich).

Life is good.

Anyone know any blogs dedicated to 28 Days Later?

Because I can’t find a single one and it’s pissing me off. D:<


Lisa: This passion defines us. You are defined by your choices. I choose to define myself.

Just a little edit I whipped up for one of my favorite movies and two of my favorite actors. Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams.