Aesir!Jane with a hint of Lokanethe first half was actually done using my phone due to my not having time to draw at home. but I persevered! HAH!


Aesir!Jane with a hint of Lokane

the first half was actually done using my phone due to my not having time to draw at home. but I persevered! HAH!

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The stare


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❝ Prompt fill: Jane takes loki (grudgingly) Christmas shopping…because xmas fluff :) (given by l-o-k-i-hiddleston) ❞

Tough one! But I thought this needed to be up in time for Christmas, so have a happy (and Lokane-filled) Christmas, all.


If Loki had surprised her by asking to come along as she does her Christmas shopping, it’s nothing compared to the priceless reaction that flashes across his face as he shoves his way through the crowds in the town’s largest mall.

“What is this madness that has befallen Midgard?” He practically shouts his disbelief into her face as he wrestles with an enormous pile of tinsel that has gotten itself entangled in their basket.

“We call it the pre-Christmas sales,” Jane replies with a yell of her own. “You did say you wanted to come.”

She’s surlier than she normally is and as much as it pains her to admit, it really isn’t quite Loki’s fault this time around.

Or maybe it is.

It isn’t too often that a tall stranger with a posh accent forms a part of the usual shopping crowd here, but when that happens, there are those – particularly of the female sex – who take notice of it the way a shark detects the scent of blood from afar.

Damn him for choosing to do his Christmas shopping in an expensively-conjured up suit anyway. Among other men who were in trainers, jeans and unmatching coats, Loki was getting all the attention he would ever need in several Asgardian lifetimes.

And he would have never needed to conquer Earth the hard way when most women in the mall looked ready to throw themselves at his feet as he walked past.

“This is possibly a misjudgement on my part.”

Losing his patience as he kicks off the last of the tinsel, Loki teleports them straight into the haberdashery section just as she is examining a pair of black heels, planting the both of them in a relatively quiet aisle that has colourful spools of wool and neatly-displayed knitting needles.

“And here I thought mortals had truly evolved beyond behaviour deemed acceptable.”

Ignoring his snide comment, Jane spends the next few seconds trying to reorientate as she normally does when Loki tears a hole in space-time too quickly for her liking.

“Who said all human behaviour was rational? And where the hell are we-”

The sharp clicks of stilettos across the hard floor make her break off in annoyance.

Of course the aisle wouldn’t stay empty for long.

The giggling women follow in their wake barely five seconds after they’d teleported out of the shoe section of the store, undeterred by her constant presence by his side. They’re well-dressed – perhaps overly so for an excursion such as this – and dolled up to the nines like mannequins at a masquerade ball, Jane thinks uncharitably. Irritation prickles her skin as she notes their blatant stares and inviting smiles aimed solely at Loki. It bothers her much more than the vicious glares that they level at her.

Damn him for looking too good in a place like this. And damn her for suddenly regressing a few million years in evolutionary behaviour.

Jane has never touted herself as a possessive and a jealous woman…until now.

Flashing them a malicious grin, she loops a deliberate arm around Loki’s neck and pulls his face down towards hers, exaggerating every action for her unwitting audience. It’s easy to lose herself in him as always, too hard to admit how deep their desires run, she realises as her tongue tangles with his own in a desperate dance that couldn’t have hinted at a thirst that had been slaked a mere hour ago beneath crumpled sheets.

When they finally surface for air, the aisle is clear again.

“You acted with a purpose in mind,” he tells her knowingly. “Staking your claim, I see.”

Jane doesn’t bother denying it, not when she’s too self-satisfied to care about the hint of mockery in his voice that she hears. Not when she’s happily blaming Loki’s incredibly bad influence in her life for her current behaviour.

“You seemed to like it,” she tells him breezily.

“Oh, I did enjoy myself,” he says smugly as he cants his head towards the next aisle where a larger, second group of women lie in wait to catch a glimpse of their exotic specimen. Taking a step closer to her, he murmurs with a sly look, “As I’m about to enjoy the second part of the Jane Foster show even more.”

She gulps.

His grin widens in response. “Do your worst, my lady.”

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❅Merry Christmas❅
Loki/Jane ~ [❅]  [❅]~ Another christmas posts

Merry Christmas

Loki/Jane ~ []  []~ Another christmas posts

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Favourite Ships - Loki & Jane [Thor]

He hated the way she carried herself around him.
He hated the way she didn’t seem to fear him.
He hated her for raising her hand against him.
He hated that his brother would take her wherever they went.
He hated her smile, no matter how rare.
He hated her eyes, no matter how tired they’d turned.
And he hated how through all that hatred she took his breath away…

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Okay they’re outdated as hell but here they are: Links to the Guardian-verse




At Peace”:


Thaw" (rated M):

First Date”:

Hope our new shipmates enjoy. ^.^

Before I shipped Thorki as hardcore as I do now, I shipped Lokane. (I still do) But omg these fics gave me life.

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❝ "Loki and Jane never actually met in the first film," said Hiddleston. "At the end of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Thor’ film, Loki says to Thor, ‘What happened to you on Earth that turned you so soft? Don’t tell me it was that woman.’ At which point, Thor’s hand grips tighter around Mjolnir, and Loki says, ‘Oh it was. Maybe when we’re finished here, I’ll pay her a visit myself.’ That becomes the impetus for the enormous fight they have at the end of the film, so there’s been this unspoken relationship between Loki and Jane, but they’ve never actually met. And I think there’s a huge amount of mileage to be had in whatever that spark is between them. Jane knows about Loki, Loki knows about Jane, and what happens when we get the two of them in a room together." -Tom Hiddleston (LOKANE LIVES!) ❞
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sorry I thought this was a Pantene commercial at first

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Chapter 3 is finally up! I’m not very good with timing.

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