Your focus determines your reality.

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Christian Bale watching himself on GMA back in 1987. (x)

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You are not into the hype machine of Award Season at all, as I recall.

Well, I’m into supporting whatever film I’m doing. It’s not like a 100-metre dash where someone crosses and you go, ‘Man, they got it!’ It’s all opinion… I just do not feel right about getting into any kind of tit for tat against other actors going ‘Oh, I’m better than you…”, you know? Come on, let’s not start doing that. Let’s not start subtly pretending that we’re better and put other people down. Even if we’re not directly saying it, that’s what’s being said.

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3:10 to Yuma (USA, 2007)

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Favorite Christian Bale movies:
Equilibrium (2002)  

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American Psycho trivia: A sign reading “This is not an exit” is shown in the closing scene. These are the last words of the novel. 

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Christian Bale

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